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Aspects of the admission and education of foreign persons and stateless persons in MSU

1. Mariupol State University admits foreign persons and stateless persons on the base of the Law of Ukraine. Foreign persons granted government scholarships by the international agreements, national programs and other international obligations of Ukraine are to be enrolled under the referrals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine within the extent of the government order.

2. Foreign Ukrainians who received referrals for training from Ukrainian national and cultural societies, at the admission to the University enjoy the same rights to education as citizens of Ukraine, with the exceptions established by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine or international treaties ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

3. Foreign persons and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine, persons who have been granted refugee status in Ukraine, persons in need of complementary or temporary protection , persons who have been granted the status of foreign Ukrainian and persons present in Ukrainian territory on lawful grounds have a right to obtain higher education in the manner, provided for the citizens of Ukraine. Obtaining higher education by the abovementioned persons at the expense of the state budget is to be carried out within the quotas specified by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Other foreign persons or stateless persons are eligible to obtain higher education at the expense of the individuals or legal entities, unless otherwise is stipulated by international agreements of Ukraine bound by the consent of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, legislation or agreements between higher education institution on international academic mobility.

4. Foreign persons who received full secondary education in foreign schools with Ukrainian language, and foreign Ukrainians, whose status is confirmed by the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian, are enrolled to the university within standard quotas provided by MSU through an interview in courses envisaged by Admission rules by recommendations of diplomatic institutions of Ukraine abroad or Ukrainian national and cultural societies (if any).

5. Foreign persons applying for obtaining education and qualification level shall be enrolled to MSU by November 15, by the approval for enrollment which shall be verified in the Single Database.

6. Persons who have been granted refugee status in Ukraine and persons in need of complementary or temporary protection shall have the right to higher education equal to that of citizens of Ukraine.

7. Documents required for admission:

1)application form;
2) original and copy of a document and supplement to it meant to evidence education already obtained;
3) original and copy of the document (diploma supplement) with the information about the academic performance;
4) a copy of birth certificate;
5) medical health certificate, certified by official body of health protection of the foreigner’s country and is issued at least two months before the departure to Ukraine;
6) a copy of foreign person’s ID;
7) valid health insurance card (except for foreign persons who came from the countries which concluded with Ukraine the agreement on free first aid);
8) 6 photos 3,5х4,5 centimeters;
9) a copy of foreign Ukrainian citizen’s ID (if any).

The documents stated in the sub-items 2-4 shall be certified in accordance with the legislation of the issuing country, translated into Ukrainian and notarized. The document shall be certified in issuing countries in a manner eligible for such a notarization in this country and legalized by the foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine unless other is stipulated by the international agreements of Ukraine.

8. Foreign citizens without referral are to be enrolled on the base of documents of an adequate External independent testing certificate or admission examination by interviewing in the majoring field of study, envisaged by the Admission Rules (Annex 5). The results of the interview are marked on the scale from 100 to 200 grades.

Foreign citizens applying for a bachelor, specialist and master programs pass admission examinations specified in the annex 4, in accordance with the requirements provided in sub-item 6.6 Chapter IV admission Rules of MSU for 2015.

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