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Year of creation: 2005
Postgraduate Department is managed by Burova Olena Georgiyivna
Today the total amount of MSU postgraduates equals 52 persons.

Postgraduate Department makes it possible to involve talented young people in the research. Those talented young people will possibly become very efficient staff members of the University’s faculties. This field of the University’s activities generates a new impulse to the development of this higher education institution as the leading educational, scientific and cultural center of the Azov Region. It also makes it possible to introduce the new professional training technologies that meet the standards of Bologna Process.

Postgraduates have very favorable learning conditions:
1. highly qualified teaching staff;
2. 5 academic buildings;
3. 7 computer centers with the access to the Internet;
4. central library with more than 150 thousand volumes of educational and scientific literature as well as literature concerned with teaching methods and 160 titles of national and foreign periodicals;
5. 4 specialized reading rooms with computerized catalogues;
6. printing house;
7. multi-media and video rooms;
8. 3 gymnasiums;
9. Student dormitory.

Form of education: full-time, part-time and extramural
Term of education:
Off job – 3 years;
In-service training – 4 years;
Those seeking to take their candidate degrees – 5 years.

Those who apply to the postgraduate department are supposed pass the entrance examinations in the major, philosophy and foreign language.

Mariupol State University testifies to intake to the postgraduate education on the following specialties:
07.00.06 – Historiography, Resource Study and specialized historical disciplines;
08.00.02 – Global Economy and International Economic Relations;
09.00.11 – Religious Sciences (philosophy);
10.02.15 – General Linguistics;
12.00.02 – Constitutional Law; Municipal Law;
23.00.02 – Political Institutes and Processes;
26.00.01 – Theory and History of Culture;
27.00.04 - Theory and History of Journalism.

Applications are receive within the period of September 1st – September 15th, 2011.

Those who apply to the postgraduate department the following documents:
1. Application request.
2. Individual schedule of personnel records authenticated by the seal and the signature of the personnel manager of a business, organization or institution.
3. Copy of the work experience record book (authenticated by the seal and the signature of the personnel manager of a business, organization or institution).
4. List of published research theses. Postgraduates who have no published research theses are supposed to present the report concerned with the selected field of research.
5. Health certificate: Form № 286 – u (for full-time postgraduates).
6. Photos 3x4 (in quadruplicate).
7. Copy of the higher education diploma evidencing the Specialist’s or the Master’s Degree and the academic transcript.
8. Certificate of the passed candidate examinations (if the person has already passed these examinations).
9. copies:
• passport;
• identification code (copy of the certificate from the tax expectorate);
• military card (for full-time postgraduates);

Those who apply to the postgraduate department present the originals of the passport, the identification code and the diploma of higher education.

Address: 129 – a, Budivelnykiv Ave.
Mariupol State University
Research Department (Room № 317)
87500 Mariupol Ukraine
Telephone: (0629) 53 22 69
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