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On May 23, an online meeting of representatives of Mariupol State University and the University of Hull (Great Britain) was held.
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Mariupol State University, as part of the Ukrainian consortium of media and journalism lecturers, has joined the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA). The decision on membership was made unanimously at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
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During the war time, Mariupol State University and Ugledar professional college, which is a structural division of the university, will continue to work in Kyiv. This decision was made in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 
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Mariupol State University is actively establishing partnerships with Asian HEIs. On May 16, MSU signed a memorandum of cooperation with Tzu Chi University (Taiwan).  
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Rector of Mariupol State University, Professor Mykola Trofymenko presented the University and Mariupol at the webinar "Ukraine: War, Economy, Path to Rebuilding". ... Read more »

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Peaceful life before a full-scale war remains only in memories, but it still makes itself felt now. In early February, participants of the “Tallent” theater and music group presented Mariupol State University at the II International Festival-competition of trainee and student creativity “Competition for the new life!».
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Realizing the importance of the role of educators on the scientific and information front and the need to spread the truth about the heroic confrontation of the scientific community with the challenges of our time, representatives of Mariupol State University joined the educational and scientific events of Ostrava University (Czech Republic).
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