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A book by MSU lecturer Yulia Kutna was presented in Athens

In late May 2013 senior lecturer of the Greek Philology Faculty of MSU, Ph.D. (Philology) Yulia Kutna presented her book “Tales of the Azov Greeks: Origin, Language, Narrative and Stylistic Structures” in the lecture hall of the Greek Folk Art Museum in Athens (Greece). The edition is both linguistic and cultural in its nature. It set the starting step in cooperation between Mariupol State University and Hellenic Folklore Society (a Greek scientific and cultural institution). This cooperation became possible due to significant international ties of Mariupol State University. According to Charalambos Bakirtzis, Director of the Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation, MSU is the leading University in teaching and studying Modern Greek in Ukraine.

The Foundation covered all the costs for publishing the Greek edition of the book, which indicates that research of MSU faculty members is highly appreciated.

Charalambos Bakirtzis stated that the fact that Hellenic Folklore Society had included the monograph by Yulia Kutna in its publication series meant that it had recognized the research work conducted at MSU to be a part of the Greek scientific discourse. According to him this stimulates scientific interest in the Azov Greeks’ language and culture.

The President of Hellenic Folklore Society Michalis Meraklis also highly praised the research dedicated to studying tales of a small ethnic group with a disappearing dialect, underlining the relevance of this issue in the unifying tendencies of globalization.

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