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Associate professor of MSU Yuliia Labetska held an online lecture for masters of the Democritus Thracian University

Associate professor of the Department of Greek philology and translation of Mariupol State University Yuliia Labetska told students of the Democritus Thracian University about the language situation in Ukraine. The event was held within the framework of a long-term cooperation between higher education institutions.

One of the leading universities in Greece invited professors of Mariupol State University to give an online lecture for masters of the educational program "Black Sea states and Hellenism".


The situation with lockdown and online learning, on the one hand, imposes certain restrictions on the implementation of academic mobility of students and lecturers; on the other hand, it allows expanding cooperation with European higher education institutions, Greek in particular. That is why we organize online lectures on distance learning platforms as often as possible,

– associate professor Yuliia Labetskа.


Yuliia Bohdanivna told the students about the diverse ethnic composition of Ukraine, which is the reason for the use of different languages in everyday communication. An interesting aspect of the lecture was the discussion of diglossia – the simultaneous existence of two languages in the society. As the professor noted, diglossia arose in Ukraine due to the widespread use of Russian and Ukrainian languages in most regions of the country. She also drew the students` attention of Thracian University to the phenomenon of surzhik and the peculiarities of modern language policy in Ukraine.

It was my pleasure to convey to Greek students the specifics of the language situation in Ukraine firsthand. Students studying Greek dialectology were particularly interested in the Greek dialects of the Azov region and the possibility of studying them,

– associate professor Yuliia Labetskа.


The professors of the Greek Philology and Translation Department of Mariupol State University regularly conduct lectures for students of higher educational institutions in Greece and Cyprus. In turn, professors of well-known foreign universities contribute to the deepening of language training of Mariupol State University students.

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