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Discussion session of MSU Czech Club was attended by Ondrej Moravec – Consul General of Czech Republic in Donetsk

On February 7th Ondrej Moravec – Consul General of Czech Republic in Donetsk – and Ladislav Horak – his deputy for economic issues – paid an official visit to Mariupol State University.

It was Ondrej Moravec’s first visit to MSU. The honorary guests were shown around the University. Traditionally, the excursion was held by Professor Konstantin Balabanov – Rector of MSU and Consul Honorary of Republic of Cyprus in Mariupol. Rector Balabanov told the guests about the results and the prospects of the University’s multi-vector cooperation. Konstantin Balabanov and Ondrej Moravec discussed the prospective cooperation between MSU and Czech Republic in the fields of education, science and culture.

It was Ondrej Moravec’s participation in the discussion session of Czech Club (presided by Sergey Pakhomenko – Associate Professor of International Relations & Foreign Policy Chair) that became the key purpose of his visit. The Club had been created on MSU grounds last December and had already attracted not only the Ukrainian publicity alone. It had already attracted the Czech publicity as well. At the time of the discussion session, the guests were familiarized with the club of learners of the Czech language and culture. They were also told about its objectives and aims as well as about its activities and prospects.

The discussion session of Czech Club was dedicated to the historical and cultural cooperation between Czech Republic, Ukraine and Mariupol in particular. The Club’s participants found out that Mariupol and Czech Republic have long-standing connections. Thus, in the early 20th century there had been a brewery and a sausage factory owned by Czech businessmen. At the time of World War I, the Nicopol-Prvidance plant had created the society of Czech and Slovak military prisoners. And in the 1970s – 1980s Czech and Slovak specialists had participated in the construction and in the launch of Rolling Mill 3000 of the Ilyich Iron & Steel Works as well as in those of Rolling Mill 3600 of the Azovstal Iron & Steel Works.

The spirit of the Czech national traditions was present in the trim of the classroom meant for the discussion session. That spirit was also present in the image of Brave Soldier Shveik, a famous character in Czech Republic. The discussion session of Czech Club also saw amateur art performances. The participants were welcomed by Ukrainian and Czech folk dances and songs.

MSU and Czech Republic are connected by long-standing friendship. Over five years, more than 140 students, post-graduates and instructors had been to Czech Republic in the framework of various international programs. An appreciable advance on the road to strengthening the educational and cultural ties with Czech Republic is the agreement of MSU administration with Czech Culture Center for Embassy of Czech Republic to Ukraine to create Summer Czech Language School on the grounds of Mariupol State University.

The development of fruitful cooperation with Czech Republic is well promoted by Consulate General of Czech Republic in Donetsk. Ondrej Moravec’s visit evidences a serious commitment to render support to MSU cultural and educational initiatives and to promote further development of the University’s cooperation with Czech Republic.

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