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Folk dance group "Promin" and MSU vocalists took part in the XII World Folk Dance Festival "POSEIDONIA 2016"

A folk dance group "Promin" and Mariupol State University vocalists took part in the XII World Folk Dance Festival "POSEIDONIA 2016" which took place on July 28th - August 2nd 2016 in Greece, in the cities of Patras and Aigio. The agreement on participation of MSU singers and the folk dance group "Promin" at the festival was signed in September 2015 during MSU Rector, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Mariupol, Professor Kostyantyn Balabanov’s visit to Greece. The festival was organized by the Cultural and educational association of ELIKI "Iones" and its chairman Mr. Asimakis Stavropoulos.


This large-scale cultural project brought together participants from China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Georgia, Colombia, Greece and Russia. MSU Folk dance group "Promin" was the only dance group, which represented Ukraine at this festival. Students Kateryna Pupyreva and Taras Kutsyk were creative directors of the group.

MSU delegation participated in festival’s parade and attended a meeting with Mayor of the city of Patras.

MSU dancers and singers have been sharpening their skills during rehearsals in order to represent their country at the international festival. Despite the oppressing heat outside and preparation for the exams, the "Promin" dancers met three times a week to rehearse and to make every part of their performance perfect.

Mariupol State University’s dance group "Promin" has performed a great concert trying to render national peculiarities of Ukrainian folk dancing. Boys and girls presented mass stage performances of "Festive hopak", "Polissya patterns", "Dubotanets", small group performances of "Poppy Path" and "Wedding kazachok” and performed songs (singers: Polina Harasakhal, Margarita Fedina and Olena Holivets) to the viewers. Folk dance group "Promin" has left the organizers, participants and guests of the festival speechless. MSU dancers won the hearts of the audience with elaborated dance moves and sincere emotions.

Participants note that they have received an appraisal from the organizers of the festival, fellow dancers from other countries and local residents. Students are proud to honorably represent Ukraine at the international level.


Volodymyr Shkurov, Ambassador of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic noted that successful performances of the "Promin" and MSU singers at the XII World Folk Dance Festival "POSEIDONIA 2016": "... were of a great pleasure for me personally not only because Ukraine has been represented at the Festival by the best folk dance groups from different cities of our country for many years but also because this year Ukraine is represented by the "Promin" from Mariupol state University. Mariupol is a city, which is densely populated by the large Greek community. This symbolic event demonstrates those historical ties that for centuries have been uniting and bringing together our nations. Therefore, the program of the dance group "Promin" includes not only Ukrainian folk dances but also the dances of the Greeks of Ukraine, for which our country has become a second homeland ... "

Also Volodymyr Shkurov transfered a certificate of appreciation for personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian-Greek relations, and strengthening of the positive image of Ukraine in Greece to Rector of Mariupol State University, Professor Kostynatyn Balabanov. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic awarded the members of the "Promin" with certificates of appreciation for an honorable representation of Ukraine within the framework of the XII World Folk Dance Festival "POSEIDONIA 2016”.

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