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«М.АR.S. 2018»: Mariupol State University and «Arkhi-Міsto» invite everyone who wishes to learn more about the world of archeology

On June 12th, a unique project "Mariupol ARchaeological Season 2018: an expedition to the ancient settlement of people of the Bronze Age" started. This project makes archaeological excavations accessible to all interested persons told Vice-Rector for International Relations of Mariupol State University Mykola Trofymenko, Dean of the Historical Faculty Victoria Lysak, Head of the Archaeological Expedition of Mariupol State University Vyacheslav Zabavin and director of the public organization «Arkhi-Міsto» Andriy Marusov during the press conference.

The goal of the project is to create a positive image of Mariupol and Pryazovia in Ukraine and abroad, and to develop scientific, cultural and tourist potential of the region.

Mariupol and Priazovia have rich archaeological heritage. Golden Scythian Helmet from Perederiy’s Grave, one of the pearls of the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine was discovered by archaeologists right in the territory of the Donetsk region.


From July 15th until August 5th, the Archaeological Expedition of Mariupol State University and activists of NGO Arkhi-Misto will carry out excavations in the ancient settlement in the territory of Kremenka village, Nikolskyi district of Donetsk region (20 km from Mariupol). Archaeologists are planning to find items of everyday life of the late bronze period.


Visiting archaeological excavations will be accessible to everyone. The organizers invite residents of Mariupol and the surrounding areas, activists of public organizations, Ukrainian archaeologists as well as amateur archaeologists, adults and children who plan to take a rest on the coast of Mariupol, Berdyansk and other places that lie between them to visit these excavations. Students, archaeologists and volunteers from foreign countries will also be involved in the excavation.


The project is being implemented with the support of Mariupol City Council and the Nikolsky District State Administration, as well as foreign partners, public organizations, private Ukrainian businesses and involved Ukrainian citizens who are ready to contribute to the development of the tourist, cultural and scientific potential of Mariupol.


In the long run, this project is planned to be implemented annually. This way, the organizers seek to consolidate the status of the region with a rich archaeological heritage and make it attractive to historians and tourists from all over the world.


To get more details on the participation in the project, please call: 096-463-69-88 (Andrii).


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