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MSU celebrated International Greek Language Day online

On the occasion of International Greek Language Day, the Greek Philology and Translation Department at Mariupol State University held an online event entitled “The Wonderful World of Greek”.

International Greek Language Day is traditionally celebrated on 9 February. It is in memory of the Greek poet Dionysios Solomos, author of the poem "Hymn to Liberty", which became the national anthem of Greece.

A celebration of the Greek language brought together fans and connoisseurs of the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of the Greek people. The online event was attended by professors and students from the Faculty of Greek Philology and Translation at MSU, students from public and special schools in Mariupol, Sartana, Old Crimea and Odessa, Hellenes and Philhellenes.

Students in the “Philology. Translation and Interpreting (Modern Greek)” Kateryna Pohrebniak and Alina Chelpanova gave speeches on the changes in the Greek world caused by the conquests of Alexander the Great and on the vocabulary of Greek origin in the Ukrainian language. In turn, school pupils joined the discussion on equivalents of Greek phraseological expressions in Ukrainian, thus demonstrating their knowledge of the Greek language and its history.

Also as part of the celebration, the Mariupol State University took part in a round table on “The Greek language and cultural world in the educational space of Ukraine”. The event was organised by the Federation of the Greek Societies of Ukraine, with which MSU actively cooperates.

Welcoming speeches were made by the Chairwoman of the Federation of the Greek Societies of Ukraine Oleksandra Protsenko-Pichadzhi, the Chairman of the Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad Savvas Anastasiades, the Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad John Chrysoulakis, the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Ukraine Vasileios Bornovas, the Consuls General of the Hellenic Republic in Ukraine and the Rector of Mariupol State University, Prof. Mykola Trofymenko.

Participants included representatives of Greek diplomatic agencies in Ukraine, teachers of Greek at higher and secondary education institutions, representatives of organisations and foundations that promote the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of the Greek people. They presented their own teaching experience, innovative forms and methods of work in organising an effective teaching process for learning the Modern Greek language and presented implemented projects on Greek topics.

The round table concluded with a discussion of the current situation of Greek education in Ukraine and proposals for the creation of better conditions for the successful integration of Greek language and culture into the Ukrainian educational space.

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