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MSU held an English-language quest for the International Translation Day

On the occasion of the International Translation Day, the Theory and Practice of Translation Department of Mariupol State University organized an intellectual quest in English and translation practice.

The event was attended by six teams, consisting of students of the I-II year majoring in English translation and students of 10-11 years of the secondary school No. 18.

Six stations with phonetics, country study, Old English, phraseology, modern slang and film translation practice were encrypted on the university grounds. The participants were guided by a specially designed map.

At each station, the students and school students were met by the teachers of the Department and the students of Master degree who tested their knowledge. For example, at the Old English language station, participants had to try themselves as Anglo-Saxons and correlate Modern and Old English verbs and nouns.

At the Country Study Station participants were expected to do the tasks on the history of cultural buildings in London. They also had to guess modern and medieval architecture in England and Scotland from photographs. For correct answers participants received printed coins with the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the results of the quest, the winners were the team of 11th year of the school No.18. All the participants received certificates and sweet gifts

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