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MSU student Denys Marakhovskyi represented Ukraine at international conference

Denys Marakhovskyi, a first-year “System Analysis” student at Mariupol State University, took part in the international conference “Outcasts and Outliers in Literature, Music and Visual Arts”. Scientific event held on 7 and 8 April, organised by California State University (USA).

The conference brought together researchers from Canada, France, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, UK and USA. It is pleasing to note that it was an MSU student who represented Ukraine in the international scientific arena.

The participants' presentations covered more than 20 thematic areas of the conference. Denys's field of study was Ukrainian literature. Under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Ukrainian Philology Department Lidiia Romanenko, he researched “The author and his hero as political exiles and freedom fighters: the victory of the persecuted”.

In my work I have examined the similarities and differences in the life trajectory of Ukrainian writer Ivan Bahrianyi and the protagonist of his novel “Tiger Trappers”. The conference organisers and participants welcomed my report and realised the difficult creative journey of a dissident Ukrainian writer during the Soviet period. I am grateful to my supervisor for instilling in me a love of Ukrainian literature and literary studies.


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