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MSU students attend a master class on traditional Italian dishes

On 25 March, students from Mariupol State University took part in a master class from Paolo Brescia, president of the U.C.M. - Italy Association " Mediterranean Chefs Union - Italy" on the programme «The Culture of Italian Cuisine”. The event took place at “Hleb du soley”, the university's stakeholder restaurant.

The master class took place within the framework of the signed bilateral partnership agreement on the organisation of international internships between MSU and the U.C.M. Association – Italy. Through the cooperation, three university students received internships at hotel and restaurant complexes in Italy.

The event divides students in “Tourism”, “Management” and “Translation (Italian)” into two groups: chef assistants and waiters. The first group learned the ins and outs of preparing traditional Italian dishes, the intricacies of product selection and painstaking work in a restaurant kitchen. Under the guidance of experienced chef Paolo Brescia, the students enthusiastically prepared pizza “Bianca” and pasta “Frutti di Mare”. The President of the Association spoke in Italian during the preparations, which was a great opportunity for the students to improve their conversational skills.

We were thrilled to see a famous Italian chef and his equally talented team at work. I had an unbelievable amount of fun taking part in the cooking process. Paolo Brescia tells interesting facts about olive oil, flour and cooking equipment. He explained what a true professional should be like,

– a first year student in “Tourism” Oryna Nemchenkova.

The second group listened to a lecture from the project's junior tutor, Alina Dobrelia. She shared her own experience of working in the south of Italy, the rules of table service, the peculiarities of the Italian mentality and the art of the waiter. Students then had the opportunity to put what they had learned into practice.

Working in the restaurant business is a real art with its own rules and laws. It's a fascinating business where imagination and creativity can be a real pleasure,

– Paolo Brescia.


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