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Svitlana Arabadzhi, Associate Professor of MSU visited Italy under the international Erasmus+ project

Svitlana Arabadzhy, associate professor of the History Studies Department of Mariupol State University participated in «Young Parents – Young Opportunities» training, which took place in Monte di Procida (Italy) from May 13 to May 20.

The international project was initiated by the «League of Tolerance» Charitable Foundation, the SFERA66 Association and the UniStudy informational resource and implemented with the support of the European Commission's Erasmus + program. The event united teachers and young workers from Italy, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

The aim of the project was to deepen knowledge and to improve the skills of participants in the field of teaching and social entrepreneurship.

During the training, young activists developed their creative skills of thinking and worked out social projects. Participants learned how to use interactive teaching methods to develop creative potential and competences between youth, how to provide conditions for the professional growth development and create creative industries.

In addition to diverse classes, the training participants met with the mayor of Monte di Procida and his deputies, who shared experience in setting up a youth center and attracting young people to the city's life. On the basis of the project participants received Youthpass certificates.

Participation in the training inspired me to embody new ideas. I hope that I'll tell you about it in the fall. Meetings with social entrepreneurs of the city, acquaintance with their experience were very useful. For me personally, this training was valuable also because I was able to take part in it along with my son who joined my activity,

– Svitlana Arabadzhy.


During the meeting of Student Scientific Historical and Archaeological Society of Mariupol State University, Svitlana Arabadzhy presented the results of the participation in the «Young Parents – Young Opportunities» project. Students learned how to be a competent historian, what knowledge and skills historians should have and what they should appreciate during their professional activities.

Group work has shown that each student has his own idea of the image of the historian. The youth agreed that in the absence of a formed image and understanding of competencies it will be difficult to obtain them. Students also worked on the «wheel of life» and analyzed how their needs in different spheres of life satisfied, in particular, in the fields of personal and professional development.

It was interesting to hear what knowledge, qualities, skills and values should have a historian in the opinion of each student, because each group sees the image of the historian in different ways. The task with the «wheel» was motivating to change: we only need to wish it and make the efforts – and everything can be changed. I consider such meetings are very useful and necessary for every student,

– Daria Zaitseva.


We touched upon one of the important issues – our future: how do we see us after graduating from the university and who a real professional is. Thanks to a team work, we identified the basic skills, knowledge and values that a modern teacher should possess. We also worked with the "wheel of life," and this exercise helped me to set new goals for a self-development,

– Alina Tanasova.



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