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The Greeks of Mariupol celebrated the Independence Day of Greece at MSU

On March 22nd, Mariupol State University hosted a ceremony of celebrating the 197th anniversary of the independence of Greece. It was organized by the Consulate General of the Hellenic Republic to Mariupol, Federation of Greek Societies of Ukraine, Mariupol State Universities and Mariupol Society of Greeks.

The opening speech was delivered by the chairwoman of the Federation of Greek Societies of Ukraine Oleksandra Protsenko-Pichadzhy, Consul General of the Hellenic Republic to Mariupol Eleni Georgopoulou, advisor to the head of Donetsk Regional State Administration Dmytro Liashov, secretary of Mariupol City Council Stepan Makhsma and First Vice-Rector of MSU, professor Olena Bulatova. During their speeches, the honorable guests said that March 25th is a special festive date celebrated by the Greeks of the World. It represents the honor of Greek people, the symbol of their national revival.

The best creative groups of MSU, Mariupol and Pryazovia participated in a solemn event of celebrating the Independence Day of Greece. These were MSU folk dance Greek group Kores, exemplary dance theatre “White Bird”, instrumental group “Okhtras”, folk Greek dance group «Madzharotis», exemplary dance group “Zorba”, Greek dance group “Eltas”, dance group of Mariupol society of the Greeks and singers, winners of Tamara Katsy International Festival of Greek Song Tetiana Sahyrova, Olena Shamly and Polina Kharakhasal. By the old and good tradition students of the Faculty of Greek Philology and Translation of MSU performed themed theatre plays dedicated to the history of celebrating of the Day of the National Revival of Greece.

March 25th 1821 is the most important date in terms of the modern Greek history. Except for the revival of the Greek nation, and national liberation movement of the Greeks had also the international influence such as: the declaration of first European Republic after the Napoleonic wars, the creation of diplomatic parliamentary institutions based on the principles of the French Revolution and the path of solving the Eastern Question marked by them. The Greek Revolution awakened the rebel spirit of Europe and the fellows came together to fight with the Greeks in their war. The modern manifestation of the Greek independence means preservation of national dignity, equality and just on the Earth and fight against the phenomena that threaten our culture and society.

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