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With love for women: MSU represented Ukraine in the global flash mob Baci dal Mondo

Mariupol State University participated in the global flash mob Baci dal Mondo on International Women's Day. MSU is the only higher education institution to represent Ukraine on the world's cultural scene.

Flash mob organised by the International Training Centre “Francesca da Rimini”. The Mariupol State University joined the action at the initiative of the Italian Cultural Institute in Ukraine and personally Director Edoardo Crisafulli.

A flash mob dedicated to Dante Alighieri and the image of Francesca, who in a modern interpretation represents feminine beauty, freedom and courage. It is on 8 March that the invocation of her myth actualises the issue of women's rights and the struggle against violence against women.

21 universities from 19 countries took part in the performance: the USA, Canada, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, China, India, South Africa and others.

Flash mob participants read out a translation in their native language of an extract from Dante Alighieri's philosophical and fantastical poem “The Divine Comedy”. The Mariupol State University team chose to recite a translation by Ukrainian scholar and writer Maksym Strikha.

We have a unique opportunity to represent Ukraine and Mariupol at an international event. All the action took place on the stage of the Teatro Amintore Galli in Rimini. We are very pleased to feel part of a global community that is passionate about the Italian language and culture,

– Head of the Italian Philology Department, Associate Professor Hanna Tryfonova.

It is worth noting that 2021 in Italy is dedicated to the figure of Dante and the 700th anniversary of his death. MSU is also planning a series of themed events in memory of the Italian poet. These include a roundtable discussion on "Dante and Ukrainian Culture", which will be attended by renowned Italian and local experts.


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