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Appeal of Mykola Trofymenko, rector of MSU

Mariupol State University, which three months ago worthily held the title of the only classical University in the Donetsk region, today has the status of an inmigrant. After the invasion of russian troops on the territory of Mariupol, its merciless destruction and occupation, MSU stopped its work in the city. The university staff was forced to take this step for the sake of legitimacy of the University's activities, creating a safe educational environment and organizing the educational process under martial law.

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Mariupol University, together with its separate structural division "Ugledar Professional College of Mariupol State University", was temporarily moved to the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. It was here that it resumed its activities on the basis of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, where the entire administration of Mariupol State University is located today.


Meanwhile, collaborators, using the honest name and good reputation of Mariupol State University, announce the resumption of work of the University in Mariupol. In order to refute this information, I, the Rector, Chairman of the Academic Council of Mariupol State University, Mykola Trofymenko, on behalf of the staff, the university administration, officially declare that now the restoration of the University's work in Mariupol is impossible: the city is occupied, the enemy has destroyed academic buildings and the material and technical base. The activities of this quasi-institution are illegitimate.


We condemn the creation of the so-called "Mariupol State University of the DPR" and consider this decision impudent and shameful. This is a criminal offense and all those involved, led by the fake acting Rector, will be held accountable for all illegal actions, and this is imprisonment for a period of 15 years to life.


Mariupol State University is not a name, not a location, not walls, but people. The people who founded it, who spared no effort to develop, who studied hard to get the desired diploma. Mariupol State University consists of employees, lecturers, students and graduates. And because of russian aggression, we lost part of our extended family. Since the beginning of the war, eight of our employees and five students perished in Mariupol, and news of the deaths continues to arrive. Therefore, the resumption of activities during the occupation and cooperation with the invaders is a desecration of the bright memory of our colleagues and our youth.


Therefore, due to the spread of false information, we ask you to consider this statement an official appeal to law enforcement agencies to protect the honor, dignity and reputation of our university.


We call for the dissemination of this statement in the media, social networks and other bodies authorized to consider issues related to the dissemination of false information. Together we will win this information war! Together we will return to Mariupol!


With Mariupol in the heart – Mariupol State University!





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