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With Mariupol in the heart: MSU will temporarily continue working in Kyiv

During the war time, Mariupol State University and Ugledar professional college, which is a structural division of the university, will continue to work in Kyiv. This decision was made in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

As a result of intense shelling of Mariupol by the russian military, all academic buildings of Mariupol State University were significantly destroyed. Temporarily, Mariupol University will be located on the basis of the Kyiv National University of construction and architecture.

For the educational needs of MSU, the fourth building of the University of the capital of Ukraine will be provided, which will become the central building of Mariupol University. In addition, employees, lecturers and students of Mariupol State University will be able to live in a dormitory.


Now we strive to preserve our lecturers, students and scientific base, so that after the complete liberation of our native city from the invaders, we can return to it. Also, on the basis of the university, together with the City Council of Mariupol, we plan to deploy a large Center for Assistance to our fellow countrymen. The dream of a peaceful and restored Mariupol continues to live in our hearts. We believe that this will be the case!

  – Rector of Mariupol State University, Professor Mykola Trofymenko.


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