Admission conditions

Mariupol State University trains foreigners under accredited specialties and trains foreign national for the enrollment to the higher education institution based on the License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (order of the Ministry â„– 102-Đ» dated 22.05.2017).

University admits foreigners and stateless persons with completed secondary education for studying at the preparatory department of the Center for Pre-university Training and Foreign Students’ Affairs/for receiving Bachelor’s Degree in case if the future students knows Ukrainian or Russian and degree which corresponds to the Bachelor’s degree (Master studies). Invitations for education are issued throughout the year.

Foreigners shall be enrolled to educational institutions under accredited educational programmes:

1) Twice a year at the beginning of the academic semesters (until November 01 and March 1 respectively): for receiving the degree of Junior Bachelor, Bachelor, Master (education and qualification level of Junior Specialist) based on evaluation of documents submitted and enrollment tests on certain subjects and language of studying;

2) During the year for PhD study and doctoral study – based on the evaluation of documents submitted and enrollment tests on certain subjects and language of studying;

3) During the year in order to get preparatory training at the preparatory faculty or department to study the official language of state and/or the language of studying; in order to get training under academic mobility programmes, graduate programmes, advanced training, internship, training after transfer to other university or resumption of studies – based on the decision of the Admission Committee of university after the evaluation of documents submitted.

Mariupol State University issues invitations for training:
- To foreigners who are invited for training programme lasting 90 days or more in the form established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
- To foreigners who are invited for short-term training programme up to 90 days as well as to part-time foreign students to participate in overview session/exam session on the official letterhead of the institution.

An invitations for training is the basis for getting the D type visa.

Foreigner informs education institution of the details of his/her arrival to Ukraine (date and time, flight number/vehicle plate number) not later than 3 days before the arrival.

Contact details:
International Relations Office of Mariupol State University
Address: office room No 102a, 129a Budivelnykiv Ave. 87500 Mariupol, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (0629) 587488
Đ•-mail: [email protected]