Scientific schools

Scientific school on Theory of Interstate and Regional Cooperation

Head: a corresponding member of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Political Science, professor Kostyantyn Balabanov
Activities: investigation of the world and regional integration process, international relations and foreign policy, political and social end economic processes in Mediterranean region, the role and the place of Ukraine in the region.

Scientific school on Information Policy and Social Engineering

Head: honored journalist of Ukraine, member of National Writers Union, Doctor of Philology, professor Heorhii Pocheptsov.
Activities: investigation of the number of social and psychological techniques designed to guide the masses; focusing on the essence and basic elements of modern information policy; revealing the techniques of modern information warfare.

Scientific school on Historiography

Head: Doctor of Historical Science, professor Volodymyr Romantsov
Activities: investigation of historiographic aspects of the history of Ukrainian Cossacks, the Cossack Hetmanate, historical personalities of Ukraine of ХVІ-XVII сent.; historical and source analysis of the Greek population of North Pryazovia.

Scientific school on Pre-school Education

Head: Candidate of Pedagogical Science, professor Kateryna Scherbakova
Activities: investigation of the topical issues in the field of pre-school education and pedagogics of higher education.

Scientific school on International Economics

Head: Doctor of Economics, professor Olena Bulatova
Activities: investigation of theoretical and practical issues of the development of world economy, international economic relations, focusing on topical issues of integration processes and regionalization of world economy, development of international and regional competitiveness, interregional cooperation, European integration line of Ukrainian policy in terms of globalization.