Scientific Publications

Scientific publication «Mariupol State University Journal» has been issued since 2008 and consists of 5 series:

• Philology
• Philosophy, Cultural Science, Social Science
• History. Political Science
• Economics
• Law

All the series of scientific publication «Mariupol State University Journal» is included into the international scientometrical base Index Copernicus International (Poland).

The access to all the series of scientific publication «Mariupol State University Journal» is provided through the extensive bibliographic database WorldCat and Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE).

Requirements to the Structure of Articles

The article should include:
- problem statement in general and relation to important scientific or practical challenges;
- revision of latest publications and research that analyzes the problem addressed by the author; determining previously unsolved issues of major problem addressed by the article;
- provision of basic material of the research with the grounding of scientific results obtained;
- conclusion and perspectives.

The main text of the publication should have the following structure:
- name and surname of the author on the left;
- title (centered, capital letters, bold type);
- abstracts in the language of article (italics);
- Key words (italics);
- main body of the text;
- reference list;
- date of entry into the editorial with Arabic numerals on the left;
- name and surname of the author in English below the main body text;
- title (centered, capital letters, bold type) in English;
- extended abstracts in English (up to 35 lines, italics
- Key words in English (italics).

3. Text requirements:

- articles are to be submitted in a hard copy (sheet of А4, Microsoft Word 97-2003 format) and in a soft copy on electronic storage devise or sent via e-mail. Articles are to be 6-15 full pages, figures, charts and reference list included. The main body of the article: preferred font: Times New Roman, Symbol, 14 pt, interval – 1,5. Margins: mirror, top – 25 мм, bottom – 25 мм, inside – 25 мм, outside – 25 мм., paragraph – 10 мм.

- the references are to be listed alphabetically or in an order of appearance in the text following the main body of the article and marked with the “List of References” title. References on the list are to be numbered manually, without using a “Format-List-Numbering” command in the Word toolbar;
As all the articles are included in scientometrical databases, the authors should follow the following reference list requirements. Every reference on the list may be either provided in a source language or transliterated.

- Symbols. Authors should use angle quotes or Guillemets: «»; hyphen is a short dash «-». There is no need to put extra spaces before square brackets or round brackets, or inside them. To avoid this, you should use “Show formatting symbols” command;

- references within the text are to be structured this way: [7, p. 123], where number 7 is the number of the source in the list, 123 is a page. References to several sources are to be structured this way: [1; 4; 8] or [2, p. 32; 9, p. 48; 11, p. 257]. Archived sources reference – [15, sheets. 258, 231 зв.];

- scholars, scientists and researchers are to be mentioned under the alphabetic order. Name is to be followed by surname.

4. Accompanying material:

- the article is to be accompanied by the short information about the author where surname, name, his/her academic degree, title, position, place of work, ZIP-code, home address, telephone numbers, e-mail address are stated.

- articles written by the authors without a scientific degree are to be accompanied by the review from a PhD or Doctor of Science according to the scientific field of publication or by recommendation of a department or an office. This review or recommendation is to be submitted in scanned copy via email.

5. The Editorial Board anticipates that the materials submitted have not been published or submitted for publishing in other publications previously and contain reliable data. The author is responsible for the reliability of facts, statistics and other data provided by him/her. The Editorial Board reserves the right to review, edit, cut or reject the article as well as the right to publish, distribute and use the article in scientometrical databases, open sources and Internet websites (MSU e-library). The authors’ opinion may differ from the Editorial Board’s point of view.