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Act on support of Greece in Mariupol

On March 15th, 2012 the Federation of Greek Communities of Ukraine and Mariupol State University held in Mariupol, the center of Ukrainian Hellenism in Ukraine, a large-scale Act on support of Greece. Today the Hellenic Republic is undergoing a heavy socio-economic crisis that threatens its national independence and security. Therefore many countries of the world are holding acts of solidarity with Greece, an incomparable country in terms of the influence it has had on the global civilization.

In their speeches at the time of the Act, Aleksandra Protsenko-Pichadzhi – Head of the Federation of Greek Communities of Ukraine, Professor Kostyantyn Balabanov – Rector of Mariupol State University and Consul Honorary of the Republic of Cyprus in Mariupol, Dimitris Papandreou – Consul General of the Hellenic Republic in Mariupol as well as MSU instructors and students, activists of Hellenic Development, youth leaders and school students compelled the Greeks and those who really care for the Greek people to adjust consolidation, to preserve the national identity, to maintain close ties with the historical motherland and to keep strengthening friendship and cooperation between Ukraine and Greece at this complicated historical stage.

The students’ and the schoolchildren’s speeches as well as the poems and the children’s drawings were concerned with the hard and tragic times the Greek nation had many times in its history been faced by. The participants were also concerned with the way that nation had always overcome those hard times with dignity and pride. The cruel wars of the antique times, the hard years of Ottoman enslavement, the genocide of the Pontic Greeks, Stalin’s oppression, the German invasion and the civil withstand had not broken that great and proud nation. Every well-educated person knows that it was the Greeks who gave the world philosophy, theater, literature, politics and such concepts as democracy, statehood and patriotism. The Byzantine culture once became the cradle of Orthodoxy. The contemporary Greek world that has absorbed the achievements of the past keeps paying tangible contribution into spiritual and creative development of the mankind.

By way of conclusion, the Act listened to an open address on behalf of the Greek and the multinational community of Ukraine, Federation of Greek Communities of Ukraine and Mariupol State University to Karolos Papoulias – President of the Hellenic Republic, Lukas Papademos – Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Filippos Petsalnikos – Head of the Parliament and Stefanos Tamvakis – President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad. In that address, the Act participants expressed their solidarity with the Greek nation and sincere certainty that, taking advantage of the potential of the global and the European agencies and in joint effort, the Hellenic state and its citizens, the Orthodox Church, the Greeks and the Hellenes abroad will lead the country of the great history and culture onto the road of economic revival and development.

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