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Mariupol State University student Alina Tanasova studied game development in Armenia

Alina Tanasova, a fourth-year student of the specialty "History and archeology" of Mariupol State University, became a participant in the game in action training course. The event was held in Gyumri, Armenia, as part of the Erasmus+project.

33 students from Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Portugal, France, Armenia and Georgia participated in the trainings. They discussed methods of non-formal learning and the use of games in the educational process.


The game plays an important role in learning, because students collaborate with each other, discuss questions and find the answer together. The game form supports interest in the educational process and helps you learn the learning material in a relaxed atmosphere.

Project mentors shared their experience in creating board games and using Game practices in training. Young people used the acquired knowledge to develop prototypes of their own games. The team that Alina was a member of created a game called Show me. Students tested it together with other participants of the training.


Before it starts, one member of the team receives a card with the name of the profession and the necessary qualities for it. The game consists of three rounds, in each of which other players must guess the soft-skill and hard-skill professions. The game helps high school students get acquainted with new or little-known professions. 

In addition to attending training sessions, young people held multicultural evenings where they represented their own countries: traditions, history, national dishes, songs and dances. Also in their spare time, the project participants got acquainted with the city of Gyumri. 

Most of all, I remember the moments when we got acquainted with the city and its local residents. We interviewed them for the quest and online applications, where we posted the results of completing games. People were very friendly and willing to tell interesting stories from their lives.


After returning to Mariupol, Alina continues to work on The Game Show me and engage in active activities in the student scientific historical and Archaeological Society of Mariupol University. Its members are engaged in the implementation of projects and initiatives at the local and regional levels, develop games, explore cultures, preserve and spread the traditions of the Azov region. 


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