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Summarizing the results of the project “Equal participation of women in the decision-making process”
On June 23d, 2012 which is observed as the Civil Service Day of the United Nations Organization, Mariupol State University hosted a round table talk concerned with summarizing the results of the project “Equal participation of women in the decision-making process (based on the Ukrainian North Azov)”.

In implementing the project over the period of February – June 2012, the University organized a training course for 100 project participants. Among them were members of Mariupol City Hall, local government officials, public leaders and teachers. The training course was concerned with gender expertise of the decisions made, such as draft resolutions.

The training course was facilitated by Elena Styazhkina – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Donetsk National University and famous author – and Natalia Kurganovskaya – expert in the UNO Development Program on Gender Issues.

The Strengthening National Gender Machinery Project of the UNO Development Program provided all the participants with visual aids on gender education, gender policy and construction of civil society in Ukraine. The Project also provided the participants with the brand new statistics titled “The gender map of Ukraine”.

In the framework of the project and for the first time ever in Mariupol, “The guide on gender expertise” was compiled and published. The guide is largely concerned with the ethno-political peculiarities of the region and is meant for the local government agencies of Mariupol and the members of the City Hall. Besides the Project conducted a survey titled “The gender passport of Mariupol”. One can get familiarized with the survey report in Gender Studies Center of Mariupol State University

In his welcoming address, Andrey Feday – Secretary for Mariupol City Hall – emphasized the necessity of introducing gender expertise into the local government work. Anastasia Degterenko – Director of Gender Studies Center – informed the project participants of the further plan of action and thanked her colleagues and partners for their aid in the implementation.

Natalia Kurganovskaya shared her impressions of the training course and thanked Mariupol City Hall for the high organizational level. Other project participants also hared their impressions. Tatyana Golobokova – Personnel Officer of Mariupol City Hall – emphasized the great contribution “The gender passport of Mariupol” has paid to the local government work. Julia Sabadash – Head of MSU Italian Language, Literature and Culture Chair, Doctor of Culture Studies and Professor – accentuated that this project based on gender education, initiated and implemented by MSU for the purpose of improving self-consciousness and understanding of the mechanisms of building civil society in Ukraine is not the first one.

All the project participants obtained certificates of participation in the training course on gender expertise.

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