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One of the priorities of Mariupol State University is international cooperation that is constantly developing. On developing the existing contacts with foreign partners and on establishing the new ones, MSU solves a number of educational and scientific assignments, which strengthen the potential of the teaching staff and promotes development of the University’s academic and research-aimed facilities. The implementation of the aforementioned priorities advertises the University’s activities and disseminates the advantages of the national system of higher education, which, in its turn, promotes improvement of Ukraine’s image and boosts the quality of professional training and the quality of instruction.

For the years of its development, Mariupol State University has developed and has been successfully implementing its own pattern of international cooperation that provides for comprehensive cooperation with the ministries of education, ministries of foreign affairs, diplomatic representations, regional administrations, mayors’ offices, leading universities, foundations, government agencies and NGOs.

It provides for comprehensive cooperation with:
• Ministries of education;
• Ministries of foreign affairs;
• Diplomatic representations;
• Regional administrations;
• Mayors’ offices;
• Leading universities;
• Research institutes;
• Foundations;
• Government agencies and NGOs.

It is implemented through:
• Participation in international interuniversity structures;
• Implementation of joint educational and scientific projects with government agencies, regional administrations, mayors’ offices, NGOs and universities;
• Organization of international scientific forums;
• Internships on educational, scientific and cultural programs.

• More than 60 agreements on scientific cooperation and interuniversity cooperation with foreign partners;
• The university was visited by more than 500 official foreign delegations with the total number of 1700 people;
• More than 300 students and teachers annually participate in scientific, cultural and educational internships in 20 countries of the world;
• Joint educational programs with universities of Russia, Italy and France; in accordance with their results, students get appropriate diplomas and certificates.

Efficient implementation of the pattern of international cooperation and integration into the European educational space is evidenced by the fact that MSU was among the 10 Ukrainian higher education institutions that joined the common European educational and scientific space when in 2004 the rector of the university K.V.Balabanov signed Magna Charta Universitatum. MSU’s authority was also evidenced by the session of Magna Charta Observatory held in 2005 by Mariupol State University and Donetsk National University. In the course of the session, the leading rectors and professors of the European and Ukrainian universities highly esteemed the international activities of the University and singled out the high quality professional training.

The acknowledgement of the University’s authority and its contribution into development of Ukraine – Greece relations were the visits of Prime Minister of Hellenic Republic Kostas Karamanlis (2003) and President of Hellenic Republic Carolos Papulias (2008).

In 2007 the Scientific Council of Mariupol State University established the title of MSU Honorary Professor to be conferred on famous scientists, politicians, diplomats and public leaders in recognition of their activity and contribution into MSU development. During the same period, the titles of Honorary Professors of Mariupol State University were conferred on Director of Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation – world-known scientist and professor V.Karageorgis, Cyprus (2004), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hellenic Republic P.Skndalakis (2005), Messenger Plenipotentiary of Republic of Cyprus to the Court of Her Royal Majesty Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II G. Iacouvou (2007), President of Hellenic Republic C. Papoulias (2008), Director of Italian Institute of Culture in Ukraine, Professor N.F. Balloni (2009), Dean of Political Science Faculty of University of Messina, Professor A. Romano (2009), President of Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation and Head of the Board of Directors of Leventis Group A.P. Leventis (2010).

The results of MSU international cooperation prove the efficiency of MSU pattern of international cooperation.

MSU carries out multilateral cooperation with the education ministries of such countries as Hellenic Republic and Republic of Cyprus. This cooperation has resulted in emergence of Greek Language Center within MSU infrastructure entitled to carry out qualification exams on Modern Greek and to issue international certificates. Ministry for National Education and Religious Affairs of Hellenic Republic sends teachers of Modern Greek to MSU. It is noteworthy that all the costs are borne by the Greek partners. Today MSU has 4 full-time teachers sent by Ministry for National Education and Religious Affairs of Hellenic Republic.

Fruitful cooperation of MSU with the foreign affairs ministries of Hellenic Republic, Republic of Cyprus and Italian Republic has resulted in the positive dynamics in the amount of joint project. Thus, at the time of the visit paid by the governmental delegation of Hellenic Republic (September, 2005) headed by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Panagiotis Skandalakis an agreement on cooperation was signed with the Ministry and Mariupol State University, the main points of which envisage financial support of the activities carried out by Greek Philology Faculty aimed at learning and disseminating Greek language and culture.

Thanks to the active cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Cyprus and the support provided by Minister Georgis Iacouvou (today – Head of President’s Administration of Republic of Republic of Cyprus), the University’s graduates majoring in International Relations went on internships to Ministry of Foreign affairs of Republic of Cyprus. MSU teaching staff’s fruitful work for the sake of strengthening friendship and cooperation between the Ukrainian and the Cypriote nations resulted in the decision made by President of Republic of Cyprus T. Papadopoulos and the Government of that country dated of July 4th, 2006 to set up Honorary Consulate of Republic of Cyprus in Mariupol, whose consular district embraces Donetsk, Zaporozhe, Lugansk and Dnepropetrovsk Regions. Rector of MSU K.V. Balabanov was appointed Honorary Consul of Republic of Cyprus in Mariupol.

Mariupol State University pays much attention to cooperation with diplomatic representations of foreign countries accredited in Ukraine and representatives of Ukraine abroad. Within the recent years, MSU was visited by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hellenic Republic to Ukraine Kharalambos Dimitriou, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italian Republic P.D.Donnici, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic of Poland Yatsek Klyuchkovskiy, Messenger Plenipotentiary of Republic of Cyprus to the Court of Her Royal Majesty Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II G. Iacouvou, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Greece and Albania (pluralistically) Valeriy Tsybukh, etc. It should be mentioned that MSU cooperates with Representation of the European Commission, Center of NATO Information and Documentation, Consulate General of Czech Republic in Donetsk, Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Kharkov, Consulate General of Russian Federation in Kharkov, Consulate General of State of Israel in Dnepropetrovsk and Consulate General of Hellenic Republic in Mariupol. This cooperation has resulted in joint events, such as: the annually held Days of Europe in Mariupol, the Days of Italian culture, the Week of Italian language in the world, the Days of the Israeli culture and the Days of Modern Greek language and culture as well as with reports and public lectures given by Ukrainian and foreign diplomats to MSU students. It should also be mentioned that MSU actively implements into the curriculum the practice of internships at foreign diplomatic representations within the frameworks of which MSU students go on internships to Embassy of Ukraine to Hellenic Republic.

Implementation of many programs and projects became possible thanks to MSU cooperation with regional administrations and mayors’ offices of many countries. The mayors’ offices of such cities as Athens, Zografou, Thessaloniki, Livathia, Olymbos, Amphilohia, Nafpaktos, Mesolongi, Ioannina, the islands Kalimnos, Rodos, Kerkira and the Italian city Santa Severina organize cultural, scientific and language internships for MSU students and teachers.

The University actively cooperates with regional administrations of Greece – regions of Thessaloniki, Attica as well as regional administrations of Italian Republic – regions of Calabria; island Sicilia as well with the mayors’ offices of Greek, Italian and Cypriote cities. Especially noteworthy is cooperation with Public Government of Qiqihar City of People’s Republic of China.

One cannot but appreciate interuniversity cooperation as a major strategy of MSU international cooperation. MSU has signed agreements on cooperation with the leading higher education institutions of Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Serbia, Bulgaria, China and Israel. We should point out that MSU also cooperates with higher educational establishments of Spain, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the USA, and Morocco and other states.

This cooperation annually results in short and long-term scientific and language-based internships of MSU students and teachers, joint scientific research and international conferences, exchange of students and teachers, joint participation in the international projects, such as TEMPUS, ERASMUS, etc.

MSU has been developing multilateral cooperation with foreign foundations, such as “Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, Bodosakis Foundation (Greece), Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation (Cyprus), Fulbright Foundation (the USA), Borusia Foundation (Poland), etc. With active promotion and financial assistance provided by Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation, MSU held 2 large-scale international research conferences: “Open dialogue: power, industry and civil society. Sustainable environmental development in Ukraine” (2006) and “Hellenic development in Ukraine in the late 18th – to the early 21st century” (2007). Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation has sponsored MSU’s unique library of Konstantinos Leventis Hellenistic Studios. The Foundation annually organizes and sponsors scientific internships of teachers in Cyprus. One more successful joint project of MSU and Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation should also be mentioned. It is publication “The Anthology of Cyprus Literature” in Modern Greek and Russian.

Fruitful and multilateral cooperation of MSU with government agencies and NGOs of Greece (European Public Law Organization, Parnas Philological Society of the Academy of Athens, Center of Learning and Development of Greek Culture of Black Sea Countries, Organization on Greek language Advancement), Italy (Italian Institute of Culture in Kiev, Dante Alighieri Society), Great Britain (St. James Research Center), Russian Federation (Association of Juridical Universities of the CIS Countries) has resulted in a wide range of various events and projects. Among them are emergence of Representation of European Public Law Organization in Ukraine as a part of MSU infrastructure (2006), organization jointly with European Public Law Organization and Association of Juridical Universities of the CIS Countries of Summer Academy of Public Law (2008-2010), creation of International Environmental Protection Center on the basis of MSU jointly with St. James Research Center, creation of Italian Cultural Center at MSU jointly with the Italian Institute of Culture in Ukraine (2008), opening of Representation of Dante Alighieri Society (2009), etc.

Today there are 61 agreements concluded between MSU and foreign partners (universities, institutes, research foundations and government agencies) on educational, scientific and cultural cooperation.

The constantly rising interest of foreign partners in MSU testifies to the efficient work of its team aimed at high quality professional training of, the widening of educational, scientific and cultural contacts as well as at strengthening the University’s positions in the partner countries as a promising and well-reputed higher education institution Ukraine that has been dynamically developing.

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