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«An unforgettable invaluable experience» – a student of the Greek University Ioannis Tsirimiangos about his study at MSU

During the semester, Ioannis Marios Tsirimiangos, a student of the Democritus University of Thrace (Greece), was studying at Mariupol State University. He came to Mariupol under the Erasmus + international credit mobility program, which is funded by the European Commission.

With the help of the teachers of Pedagogics and Education Department and Slavic Philology and Translation Department student mastered the methods of foreign languages learning, he leraned Russian language and peculiarities of intercultural communication and participated in scientific and cultural events. 

After graduating from MSU, Ioannis Tsirimiangos received Erasmus+ certificate and an academic record with grades from the attended courses. Before returning to his homeland, he spoke about his major, relations with the teachers and students of Mariupol State University and an impression of being in Mariupol.

Ioannis, tell us what major you study at Democritus University of Thrace and why did you choose this particular field?

I am the fourth-year-student of the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture of the Black Sea Countries in major «Russian Philology». In fact, entering this specialty was a coincidence, but despite this I do not regret my choice. Besides, I see an opportunity to study a new foreign language.

How did you become a member of the Erasmus + mobility program?

Information about this mobility program was posted on the official website of my faculty, and I decided to fill out the application form. Previously, I had already participated in such exchange programs, but they did not last long and were conducted outside of educational institutions.

Have you ever been to Ukraine? What impression Mariupol made on you?

I'm here for the first time. Unfortunately, I did not know anything about Ukraine, but when I became a member of mobility program I began to get acquainted with the country. As for me, Mariupol is a beautiful city with many cultural elements and it is an integral part of Greek history. As for student's life, various cultural events are often held in Mariupol, so students have no time to get bored.

What skills and knowledge did you get during your in Mariupol?

I can say that I had a very good Russian language practice. Not only the university helped in this, but also communication with the locals. Now I can easily speak Russian without fear.

What relationship do you have with students and teachers of the university?

During my study I felt comfortable among the other students. I want to notice that I adapted faster than I thought. In general, I like the fact that I was able to establish good relations with people who have always helped me in everything.

Describe your stay in Ukraine and Mariupol in three words.

An unforgettable invaluable experience.

What would you like to wish for the Ukrainian students?

For those students who will soon graduate from the University, I wish great success and professional growth. For those who just start their journey, I would like to say that student's years is an unique experience, it is an opportunity to develop the necessary life skills and to find true friends, but first and foremost, the university and student's life are the foundation of future life, and it depends on us whether it will be successful.

Congratulations to Ioannis on the completion of his study at Mariupol State University and we wish him a successful application of the acquired knowledge!

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