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Clean City and Seeing Snow for the First Time: Foreign Students of MSU Shared Their Impressions of Studying in Mariupol

On June 19th, foreign students of Mariupol State University received their certificates of the completion of preparatory department. Based on this document they can apply to the universities of Ukraine.

Citizens of Guinea and Cameroon were studying Ukrainian literature, history of Ukraine, country study, English and Russian language during the academic year. They also got familiar with the city of Mariupol with the assistance of teachers of the Center for Pre-University Training and Work with Foreign Students of MSU.


Sightseeing and themed tours for preparatory department students were given when the study course started. Moreover, they visited converter shop of Ilyich Iron Steel Works and the Museum of the plant as well as local history museum, Wild Nature Park, tried national cuisine and learned local traditions. On the eve of Easter, foreign students learned how to make pysanka and on May 19th enjoyed participation in celebrating Vyshyvanka Day together with students and teachers of the University.


Foreigners told Ukrainian students about the culture of their countries and helped them improving the knowledge of French language, which is their native language.


One of the liveliest memories the foreigners have is snow. Camara Moussa from the Republic of Guinea said that it was the first time he had seen it. He heard about Mariupol State University from his friend who graduated from this university and now works in Guinea, his home country.


Moussa likes Mariupol: “The city is clean, there is no garbage on the streets, and the prices for products are low. The university is very beautiful, I liked studying in modern classrooms, teachers are very attentive and always ready to help. I came here with my wife and we are planning to stay here and apply to MSU. I am interested in majors related to studying foreign language like English philology or international relations”.


He also noted that people in Ukraine are very friendly to foreigners and they have never faced any racial conflicts.


There are 34 students of preparatory department and more than 150 foreign student at MSU today. A multinational family of the University includes representatives from China, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ghana, Nepal and other countries.


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