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“Kolobok” in French: pupils and MSU students celebrated International Day of Francophonie

On March 20th it was the celebration of the International Francophonie Day at the Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of Mariupol State University. This is the holiday of those who speak French, as well as all those who study and love this melodious language.

For the fourth year in a row, professors from the German and French Philology Department and students of the specialty "Language and Literature (French)" arranged a cultural and entertainment program in honor of the French language. Traditionally, pupils of the city (this year there were more than 30) become the guests and participants of the event "Francophonie is a holiday for everyone" became.

The participants prepared beforehand vocal performances, recitation of the poems and stage reprises. The melodies of songs by Ivy Montana, Indil, Vanessa Paradis, excerpts from famous French musicals (Romeo and Juliet, The Phantom of the Opera) and cartoons (Monster in Paris) could be heard at the festival. The students recited compositions of Baudelaire and Muluji, presented videos and staged a fairy tale "Kolobok" in French ("La Galette").

The students along with Natalia Loskutova, professor of the German and French Philology Department, prepared interesting quizzes and competitive tasks on the topic of French holidays. Children answered the questions with pleasure and learned a lot of new things, for example, which flower is a symbol of the feast of the parents, who are from the French kings invented the tradition of giving the lilies on May 1 as well as when the tradition of decorating the New Year's tree was born.

As the International Francophonie Day, first of all, is celebrated by the native speakers of the French language, the arrangers invited the Cameroonian students and students of the preparatory department of Mariupol State University, namely Tchapdie Kepngang Arsene Gabin and Ngdjou Ngande Rosa Pieret who told about the national traditions of Cameroon.

At the end of the event, pupils got diplomas and sweet prizes.

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