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MSU Associate Professor Svitlana Arabadzhy participated in the international forum in Switzerland

At the end of July, Svitlana Arabadzhy, Associate Professor of the History Department of Mariupol State University, participated in the large-scale forum called ‘’Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business’’, designed to inspire and unite people, groups and organizations in order to create a just, lasting and peaceful world, build bridges despite cultural, social and ethnic differences.

The forum was held at the Caux Palace Conference Center in the Swiss city of Ko and about 200 scientists, representatives of civil society, government, business and mass media from all continents gathered there.


Associate Professor of Mariupol State University arrived as a member of the Ukrainian delegation and along with the NGO "Fundamentals of Freedom" team presented to the international community a youth project "History Begins in the Family".


Svitlana Arabadzhi is the facilitator of the project, and its organizers are the International NGO “Fundamentals of Freedom”, the International Youth Meeting House in Auschwitz, and the Lower Saxony Memorial Foundation / Bergen-Belsen Memorial.


Within the framework of the project during July 2017 - March 2018, MSU students majoring in history had the opportunity to visit Lviv, Auschwitz, Krakow (Poland), Hanover and Oldow (Germany). Meetings that took place in these cities were aimed at getting familiarized with the events of World War II in three countries through the prism of family memories, as well as raising awareness of the lessons of the past in order to build a better future pattern.


According to Svetlana Arabadzhi, the project stirred a great interest among the members of the Caux Forum, which reinforced the organizers' intention to continue this work.


The forum program included a number of trainings and discussions. The attendees discussed and considered various approaches to building peace and social cohesion by getting acquainted with projects implemented by organizations around the world. Upon completion of the forum, all participants received certificates.


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