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MSU held a round table for the International Translation Day

On September 30, the Theory and Practice of Translation Department of Mariupol State University held an annual round table meeting "Actual problems of intercultural communication, translation and comparative studies", dedicated to the International Translation Day.

The event was attended by MSU teachers and students of the following majors: "Translation (English)", "Translation (Modern Greek)", and "Translation (Italian)". Abstracts were sent by doctors and candidates of science from Donetsk, Rivne and Kiev regions, as well as by scientists from the UK and the USA.

At the beginning of the meeting, the students of the "Translation (English)" major made reports. Elizaveta Vysotska reported the audience about the translation equivalents of the English proverbs, Anastasia Perepelitsya – about means of translation of proper names referring to mythical creatures in a fantasy discourse, Mykhailo Sokolov familiarized the participants of the round table with translation transformations used while translating Terry Pratchett's novel "The Last Continent". 

Alexandra Fedotova, a student of Master degree of the "Translation (Italian)" major, made an interesting report. where she drew the attention of the audience to the peculiarities of the Italian Romanesco dialect and told how it differs from the standard language. The reports of the participants were accompanied by an active discussion.

Within the framework of the round table, on the basis of the Window on America centre, there was also an online conversation with a PhD student of the University of Manchester Anna Balazs, who undertook a scientific internship at MSU last academic year. Anna suggested that the students translate the terms of the socialist period: «прописка», «хрущовка», «путівка» and the like. 


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