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MSU Lecturers Visit Greece within the Professional Development Program

From August 1 until August 12, 2014 lecturers of the Greek Philology Faculty Yulia Kutna, Yulia Zharykova and Olha Harhayeva took part in the advanced training program in Thessaloniki. The program was organized by the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and the Center for the Greek Language; it was designed for teachers of Greek in the post-Soviet countries.

The participants of the seminars had an opportunity to improve their teaching skills while learning new teaching techniques for various aspects of the Modern Greek language and applying those techniques in practical lessons. They received a valuable experience of using the latest Internet resources designed for facilitating teachers of Greek in their work. For the purpose of the participants’ convenience, the lessons were held in the conference room of the hotel they were staying at.

The program was intense both in educational and cultural aspects. The teachers could enjoy the tour of Thessaloniki, the boat trip along the coastline, the unforgettable trip to Vergina, the homeland of the kings of Macedon, and to Naousa with its park of mountain streams. They also got acquainted with the culture of Greek immigrants while visiting the Historical Archive and the municipality of Kalamaria where the Greeks of Pontic descent were relocated.

The participants of the program remembered Hellas and its residents for their care and hospitability. MSU lecturers could dive into the native speaking environment, which resulted in obtaining useful knowledge and unforgettable impressions. Due to long standing cooperation between Greece and Mariupol State University, educational training and research programs of this kind are common practice. They are used as a form of encouragement for young and perspective teachers who actively carry out research and serve as representatives of Greek culture in Ukraine.

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