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MSU Professors Olga Krygina and Vyacheslav Kudlai undertook an scientific and pedagogical internship in Poland

Olga Krygina and Vyacheslav Kudlay, Associate Professors of the Cultural Science and Information Activity Department of Mariupol State University visited Polish University Collegium Civitas within the framework of the scientific and pedagogical internship, organized by the European League for Professional Development.

Internship program included remote and outbound modules. During 3-week-remote-module, the participants processed the theoretical materials sent by the arrangers and prepared their project within the framework of the topic "Internationalization of higher education. New and innovative teaching methods. An implementation of international educational projects in the EU financial perspective". The next stage was a presentation of the projects during the outbound module, which was held from December 5th to December 7th at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw.


Young scientists from MSU presented the project "Experience of Mariupol State University in Internationalization: Favorable Factors and Restrictions", which received favorable reviews from the experts and colleagues.


In general, about 30 professors and scientists from Ukrainian higher education establishments presented their work. The participants of the internship exchanged their experience in implementing the policy of internationalization in HEE, improvement the quality of teaching work, improvement the possibilities of presenting the research results at the international level. They also attended college lectures at Collegium Civitas - reputable diplomats, businessmen, scientists and public figures.

The lectures of the director of the Information and Cultural Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a member of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Doctor of Science Slavomir Klimkevich, who shared his personal experience in participating in financial projects for the reconstruction of the post-war infrastructure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular, in the field of education and science, as well as the preparation and implementation of scientific grants were very interesting for us,”

– noted Olga Krygina.

Ukrainian teachers studied the history, current state and prospects of internationalization of education in Poland, and the experience of Polish colleagues in the Erasmus + program. Also, the participants of the internship got acquainted with the organization of labor of teachers and the problems of implementation of local management systems by the quality of educational services at Ukrainian universities.


The final stage of the internship was the lectures on the methodology for search and use of the grants for the internationalization of higher educational establishments. Recommendations on pedagogical approaches in working with foreign students and tips on organization of effective training were also useful.

Collegium Civitas pays a great attention on learning languages. In particular, teachers organize weekly English classes for themselves, and when the level of foreign language allows at least a bit of communication with native speakers of another language, then the opportunity to work with English-speaking students is provided. Classes can take place in a bilingual format, that is, simultaneously a multifaceted learning process as a student (who studies subject and practices in communication in two languages) and a teacher (who improves the practical skills of communication in English),”

– Vyacheslav Kudlay said.

The teachers of the Cultural Science and Information Activity Department of Mariupol State University have already participated in international internships organized by the European League of Professional Development together with Collegium Civitas. In 2017, head of the Cultural Science and Information Activity Department Associate Professor Galina Batichenko and associate professor of the Department Oksana Sivak visited Polish University and established necessary connection, and created the prerequisites for the further development of the Polish-Ukrainian partnership.


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