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MSU student Karolina Bolkhovitina improved her knowledge of the Italian language at the University of Perugia

From November 4 to 29, a third-year student of the major "Translation (Italian)" of Mariupol State University Karolina Bolkhovitina studied at the University for foreigners in Perugia, Italy. The girl took part in the internship thanks to a scholarship from the Italian University.

According to the results of written and oral tests, the girl was enrolled in the group with an average level of Italian language proficiency (B2). The training program included improving Italian as well as deepening knowledge of the history of the language, the business language, the history of Italy, art history and literature.

Through her studies at the University for foreigners, Karolina met young people from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The girl studied in a group that mainly consisted of students from China, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Austria, Spain, Lebanon, Indonesia, Egypt.

This trip was for me both a journey, training, and the opportunity to meet new interesting people from different parts of the world. If you ask me what I primarily associate this important " new " stage of my life with, I will undoubtedly answer that with the university. Everything was amazing here: from the building, because we studied in the Palace of the Gallenga Stuart dynasty which retained the Renaissance style in its interior, to the amount of useful, developing information, which we were saturated with every day.

The training program also included familiarity with the city and Italian culture. On arrival in Italy, the participants of the study received a book about the founding and development of the city, information on interesting places, history of the Palace, in which they were trained as well as the ticket through which you can get discounts in museums and galleries.

During her stay in Perugia, Karolina walked through the ancient underground labyrinths of the city, visited the exhibition of paintings and frescoes from the early Middle Ages in the National Gallery of Umbria, listened to a concert of classical music in the Church of San Pietro of X century., saw the tomb of Pope Benedict XI in the Church of San Domenico of XV century and many other places.

Ancient Perugia is impressive, because this city was founded by the Etruscans even before Rome! In Perugia, there are many museums and galleries that open for you a new world of knowledge, immerse you in ancient times and leave unforgettable impressions. It was particularly striking that high art became a way of life for Italians. This is expressed in bright, shop windows, which resemble doll houses, workshops of artists and weavers whom you can observe working through glass doors. One day I went to the Basilica of San Domenico to enjoy a fresco by Raphael and his teacher Perugino. What was my surprise when I realized that literally through the wall is an ordinary dwelling-house and people's rooms are in extreme proximity to the works of world culture.

Every weekend the MSU student got acquainted with different cities of Italy. The girl visited Florence, where she was able to see the world-famous Uffizi Gallery, walked through the streets of Assisi, Foligno, Cortona, Gubbio.

At the end of her studies at the University of Perugia, Carolina will take the international exam for knowledge of the Italian language (CELI), during which she will confirm the high level of language proficiency (C1).

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