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Phonetic contest for foreign students of the preparatory department of Mariupol State University

This week a phonetic competition for the Russian language among foreign students of the preparatory department took place for the first time in Mariupol State University. The competition was organized at the initiative of the Center for pre-university training and work with foreign students.

The purpose of the event was to stimulate interest in studying the phonetic aspect of speech in the context of the dialogue of cultures, the development of intercultural dialogue, linguistic and socio-cultural adaptation of foreign students.


Eight students, girls and boys from Cameroon, Guinea and the People's Republic of Bangladesh participated in the competition. The jury included the Director of the Center of Pre-University Training and Work with Foreign Students Diana Shebanits, Senior Lecturer of the Center Marina Bella and head of International Relations Office Lidiia Naidionova.


Phonetic competition consisted of two tasks: traditional (reading unknown solid text with different intonations) and creative (reciting poems chosen by contestants). The jury evaluated the contestants according to such criteria as phonetically correct sound, intonation of speech, text knowledge, speech expressiveness and artistry.


Phonetics is one of the main elements of studying non-native language, as person's communication potential depends on the quality of communication and the quality of pronunciation. With this in mind, teacher first aspires accurate articulation, which allows pronouncing sounds accurately, as well as to develop proper phonetic hearing, the development of auditory memory.


Following the results of the competition, 1 place was taken by Pelanel Ndasso Kifio from Cameroon who recited the verse "Я тебя буду очень ждать" (I’ll be waiting for you so much) (author Eduard Asadov), 2nd place was taken by Alain Giresse Kakmegni (Cameroon), reading the poem by Rimma Kazakova “На фотографии в газете” (On the newspaper photo), 3rd place was taken by Sumaila Konate from Guinea, who chose the poem of Volodymyr Sosyura «Любите Украину» (Love Ukraine).


The audience choice award was received by the student from Guinea Mousa Kamara for reading a poem by Vladimir Vysotsky, «Он не вернулся из боя» (He did not return from battle). The jury members also noted the performance of Yannati Kamara (Guinea) who recited the verse «Ты на свете есть» (There is you somewhere in the world) (author - Leonid Derbenev).


The winners were awarded with diplomas and prizes, and all other contestants received the certificates on participation.


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