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Science and leisure: MSU archaeologists have finished the 2020 field season

From July 27 to August 13, archaeologists from Mariupol State University excavated one of the four mounds of the Bronze Age – Early Iron Age (III millennium BC - IX century AD) near the town of Yalta.

This year, the expedition brought together researchers to identify and study Above Azov archeological sites, consolidate and deepen students' theoretical knowledge, and improve their skills and abilities in the field. 

The excavations were attended by teachers and students of the Faculty of History, members of the Student Scientific Historical and Archaeological Society of Mariupol State University, the public organization "Cultural and Educational Platform Sense". The work of the expedition traditionally arouses lively public interest, which also allowed to attract volunteers from Donetsk and Kyiv regions.

The members of the expedition explored a mound about half a meter high and about 30 meters in diameter, which was destructed under the influence of time and external factors. The primary embankment was built during the Early Bronze Age by bearers of pit culture (3500-2700 BC). In the Late Bronze Age, the population of the log culture continued to use the necropolis, making at least seven burials (1700-1200 BC).

According to the results of the archeological expedition, nine burials of the Bronze Age were investigated. Among the finds are ceramic utensils and bone products that reveal the spiritual and material culture of the ancient tribes of the Northern Priazovye. According to the head of the expedition, senior lecturer at the Department of Historical Disciplines Vyacheslav Zabavin, the findings suggest the prospects for further research of the mound group of the Bronze Age – Early Iron Age in the future.


The MSU Archaeological Expedition is not only an excavation and a field chamber laboratory, but also a new and interesting experience and a bright unforgettable vacation. New acquaintances, fun sports competitions in the camp after work, mini-lectures, master classes, intellectual games, quests, communication in the evening by the fire – all this is an important part of expeditionary life,

– Vyacheslav Zabavin.

According to the permits of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, all finds will be transferred for permanent storage to the Mariupol Museum of Local History.

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